Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Horse Super Suits for Olympics 2012

Professional athletes work their body to the extreme and many athletes are now harnessing new fabric technology which allows them to speed up their body's recovery. Compression suits are worn during training and after athletes perform. They look like wet suits and are made of special moisture management material which applies pressure to the body and regulates temperature.

Hidez modifies suits for horses
Horses are athletes too and are pushed to their limits, especially when they compete at high levels. The Australian company, Hidez have recently developed a recovery suit for horses. The Hidez Recovery Suits help to reduce the horse's recovery time by:
  • Enhancing the blood flow back to the heart
  • Helping to supply more oxygen to muscles to enhance muscle activity
  • Flushing out waste products such as lactic acid from the blood supply
  • Preventing muscles from the effects of vibration (DOMS - Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness)
  • Helps maintain muscle temperature

These innovative horse suits not only speed up recovery time but also;

  • decreases the risk of injury,
  • help maintain a great looking coat,
  • minimises vibration from the horse box when travelling,
  • acts as a fly rug to reduce insect bites,
  • makes your horse look like a super hero!

The animal compression suits from Hidez will be tried out by Stuart Tinney, one of the proposed members of the Australian Eventing Team for the Olympics 2012. His horses are now wearing the suits during their strict training programme in preparation for the Olympics, what better test for the suits!

If anyone else has ever tried getting into a wetsuit before they may be thinking, how on earth do I get that on my horse? Well according to Hidez the suits are easy to put on and take off, zipping up at the front and on the hind legs. Hidez recommend that horses wear the suits under their horse rug to prevent damage when they are in the field.

Will our horses be strutting around in compression suits, looking like super heros? Time will tell, we will be keeping a watchful eye on Stuart Tinney and his horses at the 2012 Olympics, and whether these suits not only make his horses look super but heighten their performance too. You never know folks this could be the start of a whole new fashion wardrobe for our horses!

Images and information taken from Hidez.com and The Daily Mail.

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