Thursday, 28 July 2011

Free Horse Whispering Service

Yes you read it right, a qualified horse whisperer in Merseyside is offering his services free of charge to horse owners in the UK. Alan Dawber is a 'horse whisperer' specialising in horse rehabilitation.

Why doesn't Alan charge horse owners?
Its hard not to be a bit suspicious of freebies these days so this was the first question I had for Alan. He said "I offer my services for free because I love horses and wish to help them recover and train owners how better to communicate with their horse. I offer the service Free so that everyone can have the benefit of Horse Whisperer non violent methods not just wealthy people, as most Horse whisperers charge £40.00 per hour plus 40p mile travel." He went on to say "there's no catch and no strings attached, I have never charged to rehabilitate a horse even though people have thrown money in my car in the past! I simply give it back."

Is Alan any good at horse whispering?
Alan has an array of horsemanship qualifications under his belt which include Intelligent Horsemanship qualifications covering horse psychology, handling the untouched horse and leading and loading. See Alan's horsemanship Qualifications. He said "This is my third year of horse whispering, I work 7 days a week 52 weeks a year and have successfully rehabilitated hundreds and hundreds of horses, all different breeds from Thoroughbreds to Shetlands." The credentials are there and as he is offering a free service, what have you got to loose?

Areas Alan covers
Alan is prepared to travel as far as possible to attend distressed horses, within reason. He said " If I can't get to a horse due to the distance, I then call on other Intelligent Horsemanship and other horse trainers to help the horse owner instead."

This man seems to genuinely want to help horses and is devoting his life doing it without financial gain. That is rare these days and very commendable. My hat goes off to this man who clearly loves horses and is in a position where he can devote all of his time and energy to help horse s and of course the horse owners to communicate and solve problems in a kind and gentle way. This kind of story is a breath of fresh air for horse owners who have to face the ever increasing cost of horse ownership. If you think you may need Alan's help contact him on t: 01704 550262 or visit his website

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