Tuesday, 2 August 2011

New Easyboot Wide Glove Hoof boot

The Easyboot Glove
For horse owners who have their horse barefoot or are thinking of making the barefoot transition for their horse, hoof boots are a very handy piece of equipment. The Easyboot glove has proven a popular hoof boot, they are lightweight and just as the name implies, fit like a second skin to the horse's hooves. Our very own Equine Compare horse (Bertie pictured left) uses hoof boots quite happily.

Due to the close fit of the boots they were unsuitable for horses with wider than longer hooves or for horses with round hooves and wide heels. Easyboot have addressed this problem by launching a wide fit boot available August 2011.
New Wide Hoof Boot
The new wide hoof boot usually fits up to approx 10mm wider than the horse's hoof length. Fitting kits are available to hire which will save you time and money in the long run as you avoid sending pairs of boots back to the retailer until you get an exact fit. You can find the new wide hoof boots for sale from £59.99 each. Search equine compare for "Easyboot glove wide" to find a supplier.

The Easyboot website also has more details and product information.

We will be interested in any feedback from people who try these boots to see how they fit and perform, so don't be shy please get in touch.

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