Monday, 12 March 2012

New Bucas Fly and Cooler Blanket

As the fly season approaches we start to look at how we can protect our horses from the pesky flies. One problem you get when you are in between classes at shows or competitions is your horse being irritated by flies. Not good when you want your horse to focus!

Bucas have just launched a new fly rug with this problem in mind. The new bucas Buzz-Off Cooler is a fly rug and cooler combined. The features include:
  • Full neck protection including elastic head band to attach to bridle or head-collar
  • Tail flap protection
  • Padded front for comfort
  • Metal clasps and velcro fastenings
  • Removable belly strap to help secure the rug on windy days
  • Cooler fabric prevents the horse getting chilled when sweated up

This rug would be useful for horse owners who spend their summer competing and attending shows, especially if your horse is bound to sweat up. The rug makes sense as sweaty horses attract flies.


The rug retails at £63

We haven't found many UK tack shops that stock these new rugs yet but they should be coming soon.

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