Sunday, 21 November 2010

Horse Riders on the Roads - Petplan Survey Results

In an ideal world we wouldn't have to ride our horses on the roads and could spend our time enjoying the British countryside via a network of bridleways. In reality, most of us have to take our horses on the roads in order to access the countryside. Unfortunately the accident rate involving horse riders on the roads is alarmingly high and often results in serious injury of the rider.
'90% of horse riders feel that drivers don't take enough care when passing horses on the road' according to a recent survey by Petplan Equine.  The survey asked 1,700 horse owners what they thought of riding conditions on Britains's roads. The results showed that 40% of respondents dislike riding on the roads due to traffic and a fifth don't have sufficient access to local countryside to enable them to hack out.

Petplan have put together some tips for drivers to help prevent accidents involving horses:

  • Reduce your speed as soon as you see a horse on the road 
  • Pass a horse slowly, giving plenty of room
  • Watch out for a rider’s arm signals – they may stay in the left lane but be signalling to turn right 
  • Treat horses (and other animals) as a potential hazard and be ready to stop

  • Dazzle a horse or rider with your lights 
  • Sound your horn
  • Rev your engine or accelerate rapidly after passing a horse

Ofcourse this is a two way street and us riders have to do everything we can to ensure that we stay safe on the roads.  Here are our tips to help you stay safe this winter:

  • Always wear high vis gear whatever the weather or time of day 
  • Use clear arm signals to motorists 
  • Take your Riding and Road Safety test (visit: British Horse Society )
  • Be courteous to careful drivers, thank them when they are courteous
  • Show your horse as many different vehicles and sounds that you may come across on the roads. Try to do this in a safe environment first.
  • Trot around blind bends and over a brow of a hill, in an effort to get out of blind spots as quickly as possible
  • Stay calm and comfort your horse, don't loose your temper or tense up.

  • Text or use your mobile phone while you are riding on the roads. 
  • Ride on the roads until  you are confident enough and have enough control of your horse
 Be safe.

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Petplan Equine

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