Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Free Fuel For Horse Owners - Burn Horse Manure!

Top Tip for Horse Owners - 
Burn Dry Horse Manure to Heat Your Home

No this isn't a wind up, apparantely you can make fuel bricks out of horse manure by packing the manure into a mould and then drying it out for a few weeks. Horse owners can then burn what I call 'Poo Bricks' (lovely) on the open fire or in the log burner. 

The smell of burning manure ...
Not a nice thought! Well according to horse owners who have tried burning dried manure, it doesn't actually give off a foul odour. Once the manure has completely dried out, the nasty odour disappears. The bricks are said to burn for up to 2 hours, so if you got a nice system going you could stock up on fuel to keep you going through the winter.

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Horse owners can now bask in the knowledge that their beloved horse can help to keep them warm this winter.

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