Saturday, 1 November 2008

Equine Compare Helps Horse Owners Ride Out Recession

NEW Equestrian Comparison Site helps horse owners find the best equestrian deal on-line
Owning a horse often means buying an endless list of products and services, which are becoming increasingly expensive. Equine Compare is the first shopping comparison website dedicated to the UK equestrian community. Horse owners now have access to a simple but effective shopping tool, which could help to keep the cost of horse ownership down in times where a UK recession is looming.

Horse Owners Save Time & Money
This new website allows horse owners to easily compare equine insurance and equestrian products from various on-line retailers. Equestrian suppliers and their products can be compared side by side on price, delivery cost and product range. The site is gaining a growing list of members who return to the site to find the best equestrian deal.

Louise Gibson, one of the first member’s of Equine Compare says, “I have spent ages trawling the web in the past looking for the best deals on tack and equipment. Using Equine Compare is a quicker way to shop and I have found some good bargains!

Kelly Battye, Co Founder of Equine Compare says, “Equine Compares is dedicated to finding horse owners the best on-line deals which may be missed if you were simply looking through websites or searching the web. It is a simple and quick way to compare many equestrian products and services all in one place.

Equine Compare members have access to a dedicated forum to discuss suppliers, products and services. “Our members talk to each other in the forum about who they rate as an equestrian supplier, which helps other people to decide which supplier is right for them.” Kelly Battye, Co Founder of Equine Compare

Equine Compare is free to join and will keep members clued up with regular money saving tips and advice for horse owners and riders. The website also plans to introduce comparison tools for riding holidays, horse trailers, equestrian services and livery during 2009.
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