Friday, 12 April 2013

New Healthy Horse Licks

Rockies have launched a new range of flavoured salt licks, which provide a range of vitamins and minerals to supplement the horse's diet. The new 'Health Lick' comes in a choice of 5 flavours:

Tasty treats


Carrot, Cherry, Mint, Apple and Garlic.


Calcium and Phosphorus - for healthy bones and teeth
Sodium and Chloride for body fluid regulation
Iron is for strength
Cobalt required for vitamin B12 synthesis
Copper is needed for connective tissue and iron utilisation
Iodine is a component of the thyroid hormones that regulate metabolism and growth
Manganese is needed for cartilage development as well as for proper utilisation of other trace elements
Selenium deficiency can lead to gait abnormalities and stumbling
Zinc is very important for healthy skin, bone, hoof and connective tissue and for breeding mares

2kg blocks
Retail for around £3 Find a stockist

Horse licks can have advantages as horses in theory take as much as they need, when they need it. It is however, important to read the ingredients on horse licks to make sure that it isn't packed with sweet ingredients such as molasses, especially when you have a greedy horse or pony. Rockies are primarily salt and minerals, unlike many licks which contain molasses. We are awaiting comment from Rockies for sugar content of these new products. Watch this space.

For more information visit Rockies

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