Wednesday, 12 December 2012


One off discount for the Horse Arc Mobile Field Shelter

Alfresco Arch are looking for someone in the Yorkshire, Lincolnshire or Derbyshire area to try out our their new, improved Horse Arcs and Towing System. They have added a new revolutionary easy tow system and have upgraded the arcs with new products features. They need to photograph and video these new features this month. If you are interested, the first person to order can choose between:

8.5ft H x 10.5ft W x 12ft L - Four ponies or two 16.2hh horses
Medium Arc with Easy Move Towing System
for £1,750 (Should be £2,050)  


Large Arc with Easy Move Towing System
for £2,100 (Should be £2,700) 
9.5ftH x 10.5ftW x 12ftL - Two 17hh+ horses

The first person to order either arc will get the discount, only one available at this rate! If you are interested, contact Horse Arc ASAP, your order must be placed withint the next couple of weeks to give them time to build and photograph the arc.

Product Upgrades

High Strength Eco Grid
Ground blocks - all horse arcs now sit on Eco Grid blocks, preventing contact with the ground and making the horse arc last even longer. (Included in the price)

Easy Tow System

Normally you would have to pay between £300 - £600 for skids to allow you to tow a heavy field shelter with a tractor or 4 x 4. You would also need to wait until the ground was firm enough to move the shelter, good luck with that with the wet British weather! Alfresco Arch have come up with a clever and low cost solution. The Horse Arc Easy Tow System consists of:
  • 8" Pressure Treated Timbr Skids
  • Removable Tow Bar 
  • Eco Grid tracks
When you are ready to move your arc, you simply attach the tow bar, lay the Eco Grid matting tracks in front of the arc and glide the arc over the tracks. Simple!
£200 for the Medium Arc
£250 for the Large Arc.

The first person to order an Arc and towing system this month gets this special discount, only one available and 50% deposit required within the next couple of weeks to allow the Horse Arc team to come and build the arc and take photgraphs.

Contact Kelly to place your order.
t:   07935 008 420
w: AlfrescoArch

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