Thursday, 21 June 2012

Piece of mind for horse riders and their families

The British Equestrian ID Service helps to give horse riders piece of mind, especially when riding alone and away from home.

What is BEIDS?
BEIDS is an Emergency Identification Service for horse and rider. The rider wears a wristband and the horse has a saddle tag. Both show a 24/7 emergency response telephone number and a unique reference for the horse and rider. If someone finds a fallen rider or loose horse with the ID attached, they can easily call the freephone number and quote the reference to the BEIDS response team. They will then relay any medical information to emergency services and next of kin will be informed of the incident.

How much?
From £10 for an ID then £15 membership renewal cost after a year.
The IDs: 
Rider Wristband - £10
Saddle Tag - £10
Hat/Mobile Property Badges - £10
or choose a bundle:
Wristband & Saddle Tag - £17
Wristband, Saddle Tag & Property Badges - £22
3 x Wristbands & 2 x Hat Badges - £38

Spend 5 minutes answering a few questions about you and your horse and you could win a BEIDS ID, including 12 months membership. There's 50 to win so the odds are in your favour. Click here then select 'Start Survey'. Good luck and stay safe.
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