Wednesday, 5 October 2011

New Audio Schooling Lessons

Many people (myself included) know that they need to school their horse but tend to either;
soon get bored,
need some structure,
or simply need guidance when schooling.
The new audio lessons from Sound Schooling may help.

What is it?
There are a variety of equestrian schooling lessons available for riders to download as MP3 files so that they can then listen to them while they school their horse. The lessons currently include:
  • Basic warm up
  • Basic schooling patterns
  • Intro to squares and counter-canter
  • Developing the transitions
  • Starting the leg yield
  • Developing suppleness and impulsion
  • Using squares, medium canter and rein-back
  • Working from behind
  • Understanding and developing the shoulder-in
  • Using circles to develop suppleness
How much?
Each download costs £4.99 . The length of the audio track varies from 14 minutes to 23 minutes.

The lessons are optimised for use in a 20 x 40m school. Once you have purchased and downloaded the MP3 file, simply save to your computer and then transfer it to your MP3 player / I Pod.

You can listen to a sample lesson on the Sound Schooling website.

This seems like a good idea for riders who need a bit of direction when schooling and would make a great gift for horsey friends and family.

Please let us know if you try one of the lessons, did it work for you?

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