Tuesday, 16 August 2011

New non tip horse feeder

Does your horse knock over his bucket and waste feed?
If he does you will know how frustrating it can be to have expensive horse feed wasted on the floor as your beloved horse kicks over his bucket! Just launching onto the UK market is a new feed bucket style that could solve this problem for horse owners.

The new 'Non Tip Feeder' is a horse feed bowl that is designed so that it doesn't move, spill, tip or flip over while your horse feeds. The unique shape ensures that the horse feed stays either in the feed bowl or goes into the horse!

It is a low level feeder which is evenly balanced and made of re-enforced materials to make it a safe and durable alternative to the conventional feed bucket.

Advantages of the non tip feeder
  • Provides a natural feeding position for the horse
  • Saves money on wasted horse feed
  • Ensures supplements and medication are consumed, not wasted
  • Saves money on replacing broken feed buckets
  • No handles or parts for the horse to get tangled in

The Non Tip Feeder will be available from UK tack shops soon, meanwhile you can buy the feeder direct at www.nontipfeeder.com costing £35.00 each.

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