Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Revolutionary new horse rug comes to the UK

Its the age old horse owner problem...rug on or rug off? Horse owners frustrated by changeable weather and mad dashes to rug their horse off in a down pour or whip the rug off when the sun comes out. Then you have the problem of having to wait for your horse to dry off after a ride before you can rug him up! Its a tricky business keeping your horse at a comfortable temperature in the UK!

Finally I think we may have a solution folks! New from Australia comes the Coolheat Rug. This is basically a rug that has soft plastic strips on the underside to prevent the rug from lying flat on the horse's coat. This gap between the rug and the horse's coat allows:
  • The horse's hair to raise and lower so it can regulate its own temperature
  • The horse can be rugged up when wet or sweaty - godsend!
  • Air can circulate over the horse's body which means healthier skin and hence less itching
  • The plastic strips give your horse a self service body massage when he rolls!
  • No more changing between a wardrobe of rugs!
The winter Coolheat rug can keep the horse at a comfortable temperature from as low as -15 degrees Celsius and up to 20 degrees Celsius - very handy! The rugs retail at £120 from UK retailer Intelligent Horsecare.

Let us know if you have tried this new rug design and tell us what you think. If it does what it says on the packet it will make things a lot easier for UK horse owners and our horses a lot happier!

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April xx said...

I recently bought one of these to give it a try as I liked the idea behind it. I've had a few turnout rugs in my time and this one seems good. It works better than a rain sheet because it allows air to get in, making it easier for him to dry, whereas when I used to have a rain sheet it would just stick to him and I'd have to wait a while before turning out.