Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Can Equibalance improve your riding?

Equibalance - what is it?
Silicone bands that have specialist holograms embedded in them which resonate with your body's natural energy field. Read more on how Equibalance works.

Does it work?

The recent launch of the Equibalance band has seen riders from various levels and disciplines take 'the Equibalance test' to see if the band does indeed promote their core strength, balance, flexibility and stamina.
Here are comments from Equibalance customers:

"I don't know how it has worked but I am really pleased with the difference it has made!"

"...definitely noticed a big difference riding both on the flat and jumping with balance and core stability."
Read more Equibalance testimonials.

Risk free trial
Equibalance offer a 30 day money back guarantee to encourage riders to give the band a try and take the Equibalance test. Find your nearest Equibalance stockist and let us know if Equibalance worked for you.

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