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Buying Your Horse a Fly Rug

It's that time of year when horses are vulnerable to biting insects which can cause irritation discomfort and illness. One way of protecting your horse is to invest in a good fly rug to provide a protective layer while the horse is in the field. Here are some of the fly rugs on the market today, including a link to the retailer who is selling the rug at a good price.

Dinky Classic Anti-Midge Sheet
Sizes: 2'9 – 5'0
Colours: Silver grey with black trim

Material: High tech close weave polyester mesh
Fastenings: Double front straps, fully adjustable belly cover, leg straps, adjustable side release fittings on the neck section and an elasticated browband.

Provides maximum coverage of the most vulnerable areas and will
continue to protect the neck and mane even when the pony is grazing.

Buy from: Dinky Rugs
Price: £44.50 sizes 2'9-3'9 / £46.50 sizes 4'0 - 5'0 including UK P&P

Aerborn Anti Midge Rug
Sizes: 4'6 – 7'0
Colours: White/Navy
Materials: Polyester Mesh

Fastenings: Hook and loop buckle fastenings

This fly rug offers:
  • UV reflective polyester mesh rug
  • Two front neck fastenings with hook and loop
  • Loop to attach a field safe headcollar
  • Anti-rub stretch wither with gusset
  • Anti-rub nylon lining through neck and shoulders
Buy from: Best deal found Horseloverz
Price: £42.00 inc UK P&P

Buzz-Off Fly Rug
Sizes: 3'6 – 7'2
Colours: Pale Blue
Materials: Knitted mesh fabric
Accessories: Buzz-Off-Mask

This rug is made from fine weave, highly technical mesh which prevents event the smallest insects getting through. The material also helps to reduce the effects of ultraviolet radiation by reflecting some of the sun's rays.

Buy from: Best deal found White Rose Equestrian
Price: Full Neck £82.25

Gallop All-in-One Fly Rug
Sizes: 4'9 – 7'0
Colours: Champagne Gold
ls: Fine mesh outer with polyester binding
Accessories: Neck cover and face mask

Fastenings: Double breast straps, twin strap belly cover

This is a lightweight rug which provides the horse with all round protection from flys and midges without over heating.

Buy from: Best deal found North Cove Equestrian & Pet Supplies
Price: £33.95 inc. UK P&P

Rambo Flybuster
Sizes: 5'0 – 7'3
Colours: Oatmeal / Black
Materials: Patented fabric construction made from Multi and Mono Filament yarns.
Accessories: Fly Mask

Fastenings: Stainless steel

The patented Rambo material used in this rug is infused with the EPA approved technology.
The material holds and active ingredient which provides and insect shield for the horse. This shield is bound in the fibres of the rug and lasts for 25 washes.

Buy from: Best deal found Surrey Equestrian
Price: £106.75 inc. UK P&P

Fly Combination Rug
- Four Seasons
Sizes: Wee Pony 2'9 – 3'9, Small Pony 4'0 – 4'0, Horse 5'0 – 7'3
Colours: White

erials: Close knit mesh fabric
Accessories: Fly Fringes, Fly Veil, Fly Masks, Fly Repellent

This horse rug is generously cut and styled to allow freedom of air circulation a
nd coverage to protect the horse from flys. The rug comes with neck and poll cover.

Wee Pony Rug
Buy from: Best deal found Derby House
Price: from £25.25 - £31.25 inc. UK P&P

Horse Rug
Buy from: Best deal found Scottish Horse
Price: £62.30 inc. UK P&P

ta Zing Fly Mesh Full Neck Rug
Sizes: 4'6 – 7'0
Colours: White
Materials: Soft Polyester mesh

Fastenings: Twin front fastenings

  • Soft polyester mesh
  • Gusset
  • Surcingles
  • Anti-rub satin chest lining
  • Tail flap
  • Twin front straps
  • Fixed neck
Buy from: Best deal found Surrey Equestrian
Price: £26.
20 inc. UK P&P

Sweet Itch Body – Hood and Rug Set - Snuggy Hoods

Sizes: XXS – XXL
Colours: Beige, Black, Brown
Materials: Poly/Elastine

hts: Standard, Heavy
Accessories: Legs, udder/sheath cover

Fastenings: Pull on / zipper

This Sweet Itch rug offers the horse nose-to-tail protection from midges flies and the sun's rays.

Buy from: Best deal found Tack 2 Go
Hood and Rug

Price: £180 inc. UK P&P

WeatherBeeta Supa-Fly Detach-A-Neck

Sizes: 4'0 – 7'3
Colours: White/Blue
Materials: Super strong outer material that maintains flexibility and softness

Accessories: Free Fly Mask

Fastenings: Adjustable/removable belly wrap, twin chest straps, adjustable/removable leg straps
  • Removable neck cover
  • Full Wrap Tail Flap
Buy from: Best deal found TDS Saddlers
Price: £70.04 inc. UK P&P

Tell us what you think about these horse fly rugs or other fly rugs in our forum - Discuss fly rugs

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Source: Equestrian Business Monthly May 2009

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